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7 Ways to Protect You from the Coming Crime Wave

First of all, my purpose in reaching out to you is NOT to SCARE YOU, I’m here to inform you and let you know what I have known to happen in these types of circumstances based on past facts.

To protect You, Your families and your businesses from the potential Crime Wave that will undoubtedly follow the Coronavirus pandemic.                                                             

Unfortunately, desperate times cause people to do desperate things. The forced downturn will ultimately cause an increase in Crime … Call it a “Crime Wave”, if you wish, but it will come – there‘s no ‘maybe’! Some industry sectors are already being affected!

  • Police live Crime Statistics shows a 3% increase already in March
  • During the CFC crime rate increased by 10% – nearly 200,000 burglaries.
  • See for yourself the amount items on Facebook Market Place or Gumtree!
  • Ask the Police, Insurance broker, Glaziers and Security Staff yourself they are seeing it first-hand!People that you know, everyone has a story or knows someone who’s been a Victim of Crime!
    Let’s get this clear: we need to prepare ourselves. And the better prepared we are, the better prepared we will be to deal with this situation, and the better the chance we can feel at ease.I have put together 7 Ways to help you decrease your chance of becoming a Victim of Crime.

We need to prepare ourselves because another one is coming. And the better prepared we are, the better we will deal with this situation, and the better the chance we can feel at ease.

To help you in these uncertain times, here are the 7 Ways to protect your property during the
looming “virus crime wave”.


#1 Way to Protect your property – SENSOR LIGHTS

Commercial or Domestic, sensor light work! The immediate response to a sensor light switching on at night is freeze. Followed by flight. A sudden light switching on gives the perception someone is around. If your premises is well lit it becomes much less desirable to the intruder to be in the “Limelight”.

Install sensor lights over all entry AND exit areas of your premises as well as dark areas. This will act as your “First line of defence”.

RECOMMENDATION: Contact Daniel HS Reflections (0421 036 058) & Mark at 3G Electrical (0418 942 337) and they will help you with this.


#2 Way to protect your property – QUALITY DOOR & WINDOW LOCKS

nd look tacky. Buy good branded locks like Lockwood or ABLOY Locks. These are made with hardened steel and are a lot harder to cut or break, making it harder for thieves to break in.Buy good quality locks! Cheap locks DON’T work. They don’t last long, and they tend to rust a

RECOMMENDATION: Contact your local Locksmith to see what they can do for you.


#3 Way to protect your property – WINDOW GRILLS, SCREENS & BLINDS

Not only are they an excellent visual deterrent but they make you feel safe and secure. The harder it “seems” for an intruder, the greater likelihood they will move on to an easier target.

Buyer beware. NOT all Screens are the same. We are not experts in this field, and we recommend you contact a specialist. And make sure they are installed correctly, using the correct security screws and fixings. Do not compromise with a cheap screen or installation. Also, simple block out blinds prevent people from seeing inside, potentially removing the temptation of an optimistic break-in.

RECOMMENDATION: Nigel at Ali-Craft (9272 1511) will help you with window grills and screens and see Michael at Vision Décor for the blinds (0403 427 677).


#4 Way to protect your property – ALARM SYSTEMS – Non-Monitored, Monitored Back-to-Base or Self-Monitored – it’s your choice!

No intruder likes an alarm. They’re not going to hang around with 120db of siren going off!!!

Just think about it. If you’re a thief, your heart is racing as the adrenaline pumps through your veins because you’ve smashed the door to your victim’s building. The alarm triggers and the sirens sound! Would you take your time picking and choosing what to steal or damage more property with that piercing noise of the alarm going off in your ears? NO! It limits the damage and time they are on your property. They DO work despite some negative social media views.

A quick word about monitoring: the choice is always yours! Of course security companies make money from this, it’s a paid service after all. Highly trained Security Operational Staff work shifts around the clock to ensure your property is safe 24/7. I know. I did this job for 3 years. It’s another one of those thankless jobs!

And please watch out for the “$299 alarm packages”, unless you want to be locked into 36-plus month contracts. Typically, at the bottom end of the market service and the monitoring experience is reported as poor.

Self-Monitoring – we’ll cover this in coming information releases, as there are many options that don’t cost much.

RECOMMENDATION: Call Andrew (me!!) on 0417 907 061 for more solutions.



Don’t allow a would-be intruder to be a Live Commando by providing them with camouflage and easy passage to breech your property! Clear fence lines of rubbish and excess equipment/stock and trim trees, shrubs or any plants that could provide coverage over critical areas.

If your property is in good order, it is so much less desirable for the thieves to break in! Sorry – but don’t be lazy with your property upkeep. Keep it clean team! Fewer places for them to hide equals less chance of you being a target!


#6 Way to protect your property – IP CCTV SYSTEMS – Not all systems are SAFE!

In the world of CCTV systems, it can be so confusing and overwhelming. The good news is most cameras on the market today in the commercial space are comparable in picture quality and build. The standard has risen! One step down to the Domestic/Retail market and it’s a different story. ‘Buyer beware’… needs to be applied.

Not all systems are SAFE! Some branded CCTV systems Security Companies install are deemed not safe by many Governments.

What’s even more scary in this technology space, is that there are just too many unknown factors regarding potential online breeches. It’s always best to research your options, get expert advice or talk to a Cyber Security Expert.

CCTV Camera systems play an important role with the Police and Security Services for monitoring, tracking, building evidence, surveillance, remote access as well as data matching reasons … and the list goes on.

Visible cameras provide noticeable deterrents for properties and adds an additional layer of effort required by the intruder to hide or conceal their identity. It’s all about making it as difficult as possible for the intruder, the more layers you add to your Security Defence the HARDER target you become!

If you would like more information about CCTV systems and what’s available – please feel free to contact me (Andrew) 0417 907 061 or Angelo on 1300 855 781.


#7 Way to protect your property YOU!!!      

Are you ready or are you a Naysayer? My recent Facebook post received some negative comments about the looming “Crime Wave”. Some accused me of profiting from peoples’ fears. I thank them for being brave and commenting! The fact of the matter is they’re right and wrong! FEAR is one of our greatest and worse emotions. We fear the unknown, we fear the danger, we fear what people say, we fear the Virus and we fear our future!

Our business service is to support you and your business and protect your family by guiding and advising you. I did love one person’s response: “it’s not fearmongering if it’s fact”! And She is 100% right…

I have spoken with Security Control Rooms, Police Officers and business owners over the last few days and it’s trending far worse than I first thought!

Whilst we can help people with and give FREE ADVICE or an ear to listen, we can also point you to specialised people & services in certain security-related fields to help. Ultimately, we are a business and our products and services provide solutions to people’s security problems and needs.

It is my job as a Security Professional for the past 27 years is to use what I know to help those I can with what services I can provide. Please feel free to contact me anytime on 0417 907 061 or email


Andrew Herrman – Owner Access1 Security Systems

P.S: In the coming weeks, I’ll continue to provide you tips and ideas you can use on current systems you may already have in place or things that you may have overlooked.

P.P.S: Stay Safe, isolate where possible. We are all in this together and the only way out it to support small business and share in the knowledge between us. See Directory for further ideas.

P.P.P.S. See the next page for the quick security checklist and voucher that saves you $89.60 off a security systems service callout…