Are you an Australian Business Owner who is disturbed by the trends in violent crime and wants to ensure their business, staff and family have all the protection they need?

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is only natural that you will have a few questions. Here we have compiled a list of our frequently asked questions and their answers.
01. Why should I work with Access 1 Security Systems?

Don’t become a statistic. Access 1 Security Systems strives to deliver an incredible level of service with credible industry knowledge and experience. Access 1 Security provides a 100% Guarantee, so if you don’t feel satisfied with our service, you risk nothing (See Our Guarantees and Achievements page). Prevent your business of home from being exposed to threats and crime, contact Access 1 Security Systems so explore your options.

02. Explain your guarantees?

If you’re not satisfied with a product, your first instinct is to refund it for your money, but sometimes this isn’t the case and you are at risk of losing your money. Our 7 Guarantees, provide peace of mind that we provide value with our services, removing all risk. At Access 1 Security, we believe in our products and services. In result Access 1 have developed 7 Industry Leading Guarantees to ensure

03. What is the quality like (Include Brands)?

Access 1 Security uses A grade security products when recommending security solutions. Brands that we recommend, and install are Bosch (Security alarm systems), Milesight (CCTV solutions), Tecom (Access control systems) and Fermax (Video intercom systems). The brands we install and recommend, are high quality and tested products where you can rely and depend on. Access 1 recommend these brands because of their functionality, user experience, professional, their ability to be extensively customisable and more.

04. Is there a warranty with your products and installation?

Depending on the product and when the installation was done, Access 1 Security offers warranties. With all Milesight CCTV products, you have up to 3 years warranty. With our alarm and intrusion systems….

05. How does monitoring work and how much will it cost?

With our alarm and intrusion systems, we offer back to base monitoring services to deliver immediate assistance if your business or home is getting broken into. If our 24/7 security response centre receives alarms, they will immediately contact the after-hours contacts. The contact may request to disregard the alarm or may wish for a security guard response.

Every system is different in regard to cost, you have the option to have your security system monitored at our security centre or you may want to monitor it yourself. If you would like to know more about monitoring and the costs involved, contact Access 1 Security Systems and discover your options.

06. Do guards attend all the time?

Security guards only attend site if you (the client), requests for them to attend.

07. How does the panic buttons work? What happens when I press the panic alarm?

A panic alarm is a function integrated with your alarm system that allows for someone to send emergency signals to alert our security control centre that you’re in danger. These emergency signals are created from a panic button where you must press two buttons at the same time to limit the number of false alarms.

If you are in a situation where you require assistance, once our security centre receives the emergency signals that will try to contact you to disclose the situation. If for any reason contact can’t be made, then our security centre will contact emergency services to send assistance.

08. Will the Police come if I set the alarm off?

If you set off your alarm the Police will not attend. If our security centre receives multiple signals, they will try to make contact with you/other contacts on the contact list. If contact cannot be made, then a security guard response will be called to assess the situation.