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Access 1 Security Systems - Our Story

My name is Andrew Herrmann, I'm the founder and CEO of Access 1 Security Systems, one of Western Australia's leading security systems providers. Because of the sensitive nature of what we do I wanted to take a few minutes to share my story and show you why we are more passionate about security than most other companies you'll deal with.

I grew up in a very dysfunctional Aussie home, the youngest of 4 children. My father was a hard-working tough construction worker who did not hesitate to dish out physical punishment and my mother was not terribly interested, so I grew up tough.

If you've ever experienced it, it's hard to describe what it's like as a little kid, huddled, frightened in your room, listening to the footsteps in the hall - knowing the pain that's going to follow. You're going to get beaten and beaten badly again for some little mistake... With nobody to run to, nobody to help...

And that was the only 'parental guidance' I got - the end of a belt of a big stick to teach me right from wrong.

So naturally I spent a lot of time away from home, where I couldn't annoy my parents - on the streets, mixing with the wrong crowd. I didn't get into any real trouble (I was too afraid of what my dad would do ), but some of my friends did - and hanging out with them, I basically learned how the criminal mind works - how people think when they're planning a burglary... Something which has paid dividends later in life - allowing me to quickly see the vulnerabilities of a shop or building and what makes it an attractive target for criminals.

I can assess an incident and tell the business owner how entry was gained, where they went and even possible number of thieves. I can find if it's an inside job, so we can put together a solution to prevent it. It's like a sixth sense for me.

I also learned what it is like to live in fear and to have nobody to call on. Nobody to protect you . I learned quickly that it was up to me and by the time I was 17 years old, I was heavily into martial arts - Something that empowered me, made me feel safe and secure.

Protecting others came naturally to me. There are bullies everywhere and there were certainly no shortage of them on the street. After my childhood experience being bullied by parents, I had a very strong dislike for those who liked to stand over others, those who try to harm them and steal from them. As a consequence, the bullies in our area learned very quickly to behave themselves or leave. So the security industry was really a natural progression to me.

I started in the Security industry around 19 years of age when I had a conversation with a security guard and I asked him how I could get into the industry. I was advised to contact Regional Security; this is where I was taught how to structure a company and work as a sub-contractor.

When joining Regional Security I was the youngest team member, so it was a big challenge but one I relished. Starting on mobile night patrol in the Midland area, I worked my way up to day supervisor. I worked with

Regional Security for 3 years where I would work 10 days on night shift and have 3 days off. During roster changes I would work straight through, meaning 20 nights and 3 days off to cover shifts. I have never been afraid of hard work or long hours, as I have a strong work ethic.

I started my first company with little to no business knowledge; it all began with mobile patrol sections and working out of the Leederville office of Consolidated Security. After being forced to leave due to space constraints, I leased an office in Wembley and as my company grew, I moved into a larger office in Belmont. At this stage I employed 50 people.

I suddenly got introduced to the school of hard knocks being hit with a provisional tax bill other costly expenditures, which forced the business to rapidly dissolve.

The financial hardship had a profound impact on my family and I. We were on the brink of losing all our personal assets (House, cars etc.).

Not put off by this setback I got back to it as any person would and began working with another security company as a control room operator from 2001 - 2003. In 2003 I started Access 1 Security Systems and three-and-a-half years later had grown into a very successful and prosperous business for my family and me.

We will make working with Access 1 Security Systems professional, timely and quality guaranteed.

Talk Soon,

Owner of Access 1 Security System


  • Andrew Herrmann

    Andrew Herrmann

    Owner & Director

    The managing director of Access 1 Security Systems with a wealth of experience and knowledge, Andrew provides innovative solutions to holistic security or related problems. Andrew's security experience includes Electronics, Security Man Power Services, Private Investigations, Security Event Management, Security Audits and a plethora of other related experiences. Feel free to contact Andrew to find out more.

  • Teresa Herrmann

    Teresa Herrmann

    Administration Manager

    The most important role of any business is to ensure we govern the company's finances and regulations. Teresa covers Human Resource duties, Forecasting and all Administration duties at Access 1 Security Systems. Assisted with our long term VA, they form the backbone of the business's cash flow.

  • Angelo Sanginiti

    Angelo Sanginiti

    Senior Technician

    Angelo specialises in high level integrated security electronic systems as-well as having wide knowledge of the security industry. Angelo also oversees the operational and technical team with the business. Angelo's high level and thorough delivery of his work is something that's highly valued at Access 1 Security Systems.

  • Arie Wieman

    Arie Wieman

    Operations & Scheduler

    Arie has the greatest responsibility for scheduling, planning and booking in all service works to ensure all jobs are completed in a timely manner. This role keeps the business's cogs turning efficiently and maximises production. As well as the other roles, Arie contributes to the heartbeat of the business.

  • Calvin Wong

    Calvin Wong

    Internal Technical Support & Client Liaison Officer

    Access 1's Internal Technical Support and Client Liaison Officer helps clients on a day to day basis as well as transition of new owners to their security systems. An imperative role to guide and assist in face-to-face handovers and over the phone technical support.


"Reliable and Trustworthy... I Would Recommend Access 1 Security to my Mates"

Andrew is reliable and ensure the right job gets done on time. I was renovating my family home and needed the job done in a timely and professional manner and Andrew delivered the goods.

Rueben Taylor

Business Coach, Trainer, Mentor & Speaker
"Professional, Reliable and Great Customer Service"

Access 1 Security Systems has supplied us with the initial IP CCTV system for our office, so when we required an additional output monitor for the system in a different area to the initial install, we entrusted them with the solution. Being familiar with our system, they were able to quickly come up with a package that fit our needs. Their technician was thorough in exploring all options before beginning installation on-site, and was very accommodating in meeting some last-minute changes to our ideal positioning of equipment. Install work was completed with minimal interruption ad we were very satisfied with the finished product and follow-up care.

Consulate General of Japan (WA)

“Always available and Ever Reliable…Your Business is in Great Hands”

I have known Andrew Herrmann for ten years through Access 1 Security Systems supply, installation and monitoring of video surveillance systems and alarms for a large number of franchisees and multi unit franchisees within the Subway system in Western Australia and South Australia. They have always been available to all franchisees and their staff when they need him and strived to deliver the best product at a competitive price. Access 1 Security Systems have always look after those involved within the Subway system, and there actions are proof. Brett

Brett Higgins

Development Manager Subway
"Great Products and Professional Service"

Andrew has expert knowledge & sound advice for his chosen field of work. He & his employees are all punctual, polite, and professional & his products are excellent. I would recommend Andrew to anyone who needs assistance in the security business or his skills & understanding with people.

Colleen Pearce

BHP Billiton
"If You're Looking For A Security Company With Integrity, Look No Further"

We're particularly fussy about whom we work with and we value our time with Access 1 as they are one of those businesses who fits firmly at the top of the professional pyramid. If you're looking for integrity and someone who values clearly define working boundaries use Access 1 Security Systems.

Timothy Smith

Business Coach