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Alarm Monitoring Solutions

Do you want to be notified when your business or home is being potentially broken into? Along with a high-quality alarm system, Access 1 Security Systems provide monitoring solutions that provides back to base monitoring services. Our 24/7 response centre delivers immediate assistance when your alarm system triggers. Alarm monitoring is becoming a standard option when installing an alarm system, depending on how you would like your system monitored, we have different options to suit your needs.

We have different monitoring services that suit your needs:
  1. GPRS unit connected via single sim card (NBN Friendly)
  2. GPRS unit connected via double sim cards (NBN Friendly)
  3. Self-Monitoring via IP module unit & mobile application

The option of monitoring your security alarm system can be added when installing a brand-new system or you can add onto your existing alarm system (depending on the capability of that system).